Integrated Domestic Wastewater Treatment Equipment


The integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment is suitable for the treatment and water reuse of domestic sewage in residential communities, villages, towns, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, sanatoriums, institutions, schools, troops, hospitals, highways, railroads, factories, mines, tourist attractions and similar small and medium-sized industrial organic wastewater from slaughterhouses, aquatic product processing plants, food factories, etc. The sewage treated by the equipment, the water quality reaches the national urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standards of the first class A standard.                                                        1、Living sewage: sewage treatment of residential communities, villages, market towns, etc. and sewage treatment of hotels and restaurants, etc.
2、Industrial wastewater: food factories, chemical industry and other small and medium-sized industrial organic wastewater treatment and reuse.
3、Wastewater from public places: sewage treatment in stations, airports, harbor terminals, ships, tourist spots, scenic spots, highways, railroads, etc.
4、Sewage from industrial parks: sewage treatment in industrial parks such as factories and mines.
5、Agricultural sewage: slaughterhouse, breeding, animal husbandry, aquatic products processing industry and other sewage treatment.
6、a few sewage treatment: domestic sewage similar to a variety of industrial organic wastewater sewage treatment and similar laboratory wastewater sewage treatment.

Domestic wastewater treatment integrated equipment is a kind of wastewater treatment system equipment using self-developed A/O-MBR technology, which divides the equipment into 3 zones, namely: anoxic zone, aerobic zone and MBR zone. The anoxic zone relies on parthenogenic microorganisms to convert insoluble macromolecules in the wastewater into soluble small molecules, and at the same time removes ammonia nitrogen from the water body by partial nitrification and denitrification reactions under the action of nitrifying bacteria in the return flow. The aerobic zone removes various organic substances in the sewage through biochemical degradation and adsorption with the joint participation of a large number of microbial communities of different species attached to the filler, so that the content of organic substances in the sewage is reduced significantly. The MBR zone further purifies the wastewater through high sludge concentration and achieves solid-liquid separation.                                                                                                                                  

1、Strong ability to resist shock load, and the average residence time of contact oxidation method is above 6 hours.
2、 It has the ability of nitrogen removal and phosphorus removal, and can achieve the ability of treating industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and municipal sewage by adjusting the structure of the equipment.
3、the filler in the contact oxidation tank is mostly combined soft filler, light, high strength, stable physical and chemical properties, large specific surface area, strong biofilm adhesion capacity, high contact efficiency of sewage and biofilm.
4、The contact oxidation tank adopts aerator for blast aeration, so that the fiber bundle keeps drifting, aeration is uniform, microorganism growth is mature, and it has the characteristics of activated sludge method.
5、The effluent water quality is stable, and the sludge production is small and easy to handle.
6、The submersible pump can be set in the equipment to reduce the engineering investment.
7、The equipment can be set on the ground or buried underground. When buried underground, the upper cover can be used for greening, the plant area is less, and the ground structure is less.
8、It is easy to complete automatic control and simple management operation.
9、Equipment can be connected to the car to make mobile integrated sewage treatment equipment.

Chengdu Renhou Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the "Land of Heaven", an environmentally friendly high-tech enterprise that focuses on process design, product development, module integration and construction services; it is specialized in municipal, industrial and agricultural water supply and drainage treatment projects, waste gas (including VOCs) treatment projects, sludge reduction and We are a technical enterprise specializing in the design, complete set supply, construction and after-sales service of municipal, industrial and agricultural water supply and drainage treatment projects, waste gas (including VOCs) treatment projects, sludge reduction and sludge drying projects. The company has a technical team with many years of professional experience in environmental protection, providing professional water pollution treatment, exhaust gas pollution treatment, sludge reduction treatment, etc. with a series of services such as professional technical consultation, process design, equipment development and support, engineering contracting and after-sales service. On the basis of the existing domestic leading technology level, the company works closely with universities and well-known companies at home and abroad, focusing on the introduction, integration, development and application of advanced technology, and constantly innovating and optimizing to ensure that the company's technology level keeps pace with the world. The scope of turnkey projects involved in Renhou Environmental Protection Company includes
1、Water treatment: process water (including purified water), pure water (including high purity water), sewage treatment (including industrial highly concentrated wastewater), water reuse (including zero discharge of sewage) and other system engineering.
2、exhaust gas treatment (including highly concentrated waste gas recovery, organic waste gas VOCs, sewage treatment plant waste gas treatment, etc.) system engineering.
3、sludge (mud and water) separation, sludge drying (reduction) system engineering.    


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