UNIVERSE TOKEN was officially launched, the Asia-Pacific region press conference was launched, and opened the recruitment of 75 creation nodes!!!


UNIVERSE TOKEN was officially launched on May 20,2022, with the press conference in the Asia-Pacific region. Fans of fans around the world held celebration conferences to celebrate the global launch of UNIVERSE TOKEN.

UNIVERSE TOKEN was initiated by the team of Professor Joseph Sifakis, the French 2007 Turing Prize.After two years, it is a decentralized wallet asset platform connecting through the digital ecology. UNIVERSE means the universe and everything. We expect to describe the universe as "the beginning of everything and the source of civilization" to redefine the digital currency wallet world.

UNIVERSE TOKEN is committed to through unique technology to provide the public with a safe, convenient and efficient decentralized digital assets platform, let everyone anytime and anywhere, convenient use their digital assets, rich block chain technology and massive application of digital assets, to promote commercial progress and social development, announced the birth of UVT.

UNIVERSE TOKEN is the only overseas project with high quality of currency and stock linkage, which is a project with strong endorsement.It has obtained investment from six institutions, two capital and communities, with more than 500,000 users worldwide and daily activity of 140,000. Upon the release, the project has attracted the attention and favor of the first-line exchanges in the industry, currency circle V, institutions, investors and mainstream media.

Official website: https://www.uvtoken.com/
Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/UvTokenOfficial
Telegraph: https://t.me/uvtokenglobal

As a multi-chain and cross-chain integrated wallet, UNIVERSE TOKEN will open a new era of wallet use, and has now opened the recruitment plan of 75 creation nodes worldwide.

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